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Erker Security Systems, Inc.

231 S. Bemiston Ave, Suite 800, Clayton, MO 63105

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Paul Erker

[email protected]

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About Erker Security Systems, Inc.

  • Custom Design – We will provide the proper level of protection based on your needs, not ours.  While most alarm companies have a “one size fits all” attitude, we will carefully evaluate your needs and create an alarm system that best protects your home or business.  Combined with our expertise, and your knowledge of your property, we will secure your property better than our competitors.
  • Cosmetics – It is very important to us that the system we install in your home or business meet your highest expectations of professional workmanship.  We realize that you want your home or business to look the best it can, and we will carefully install our alarm system in a manner that keeps your property looking the way you want.  Likewise, our installers know the importance of treating your property carefully and take the utmost care in protecting your furnishings.
  • Simplicity – Sophisticated security systems need not be complicated. The most effective systems are designed with user friendliness in mind.  We want you to be able to operate your alarm system as soon as our technicians leave, and not have to worry about having a burdensome period of time while you learn to use a our systems.
  • Convenience – Our goal is zero false alarms. We want you to have absolute confidence in the reliability of your security system.  No one wants to worry about being interrupted from your night out on the town only to discover that the alert sounding was a false alarm.  It is unacceptable for our customers to worry about police departments that will fine home owners for multiple false alarms.
  • Competitive price – We promise to provide the best value possible.  We know that in this economy the protection of your valuables and property is of the utomost importance.  We also know that everyone has to watch their expenses nowadays, and our competitive prices guarantee that you get the best value for your dollar.
  • Service – If you need us, just call. It is as simple as that. We are always there for you.  We are local, and you know when you call to talk to a service technician, you are calling across town, not to a representative hundreds or thousands of miles away.
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