The City of Frontenac, a fourth class City in St. Louis County, Missouri, takes its name from Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac et de Palluau (the Count of Frontenac), a French courtier and Governor of New France from 1672 to 1682 and from 1689 until his death in 1698. Louis de Buade established a number of forts on the Great Lakes, including Fort Frontenac in what is now Kingston, Ontario, and engaged in a series of battles against the English and the Iroquois.

During their frequent trips to the Quebec region, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Wood, owners of what is now the central region of the City, were charmed by the history and namesake of Chateau Frontenac, nearby the Fort, and adopted the Frontenac name for their property.

Later, the land owned by Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Wood was sold and several subdivisions of Frontenac were developed. In 1947, the residents of Frontenac Estates, Jaccard Lane and Clayton Terrace petitioned the County Court to become the Village of Frontenac, an area of 217 acres. An annexation in May of 1948 added an additional 967 acres, including West End Park and the yet to be developed areas of Villa Duchesne School and the Retreat House of the Cenacle (now Ballantrae Subdivision). On November 6, 1950, Frontenac voted to become a City of the fourth class.

With a rural-like terrain consisting of rolling hills and large woods with mature trees, Frontenac was a premier destination for equestrian enthusiasts. Beginning in the 1950s until the 1980s, Frontenac was home to several family-owned stables including the Otis Brown Stables on Countryside Lane, and the Palmer Stables and Clayton Hunt Club on Bridle Lane. These stables began what was a network of horse trails that continued from areas surrounding Geyer Road and led to land on what is presently the Plaza Frontenac property. This influence is still honored in the area today, with many of the subdivision names on and near Geyer Road named after equestrian, hunting and other references to the English countryside.

Today, Frontenac has 3,482 residents, approximately 1,300 homes and comprises 1,944 acres (2.8 square miles). While now a suburb of St. Louis, Frontenac has not deviated far from its rural roots, maintaining predominately one acre lots with a population density of only 1,221 per square mile (roughly ½ of the County average). With an excellent housing stock, an average household income of $119,508, easy accessibility to major thoroughfares and a per capita crime rate less than one-third the national average, Frontenac remains an extremely desirable community in which to live.

Private Schools Galore

Frontenac is part of the Ladue School District, which placed #3 on the list of best school districts in the state of Missouri. Many of Frontenac’s residents send their children to private schools located in Frontenac. The links to some of the schools located in Frontenac are listed below.


Chaminade College Preparatory School

Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School

St. Joseph’s Academy

Fine Shopping

Many St. Louis residents find themselves coming to Frontenac to shop. Plaza Frontenac elevates the shopping experience, featuring Missouri’s only Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue stores. Here you’ll find one of the only fine art cinemas in St. Louis, an onsite experience that allows you to kick back and relax in elegant, soft seating areas and enjoy the grand piano at center court. The shops at Plaza Frontenac consist of everything from J. Crew, Talbots and Lululemon all the way up to Saks Fifth, Neiman Marcus and Louis Vuitton.



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