Some background on Ladue

The City of Ladue is located minutes from Clayton and is accessible from interstates I-64/40 and I-170. Established in 1936, the City of Ladue is a residential community that prides itself on preserving its unique character and quality of life. The City strives to provide its citizens with the finest community services in the most tranquil and serene environment it possibly can maintain.

The original residents were from agricultural families and had English, German, French and Irish descent. Some prominent families during this period were the Conways, Dennys, Dwyers, McKnights, McCutcheons, Schraders, Litzsingers, Spoedes, Lays, Warsons, Ladues, Barnes, Watsons, and Prices (familiar names, right?).


The Education Rate

is Higher in Ladue

Perhaps one of the best things about Ladue would be just how educated it is. 75% of residents aged 25 or older hold at least an associate’s degree. 71% of the population holds a bachelor’s degree or higher. Additionally, one of the main reasons this area is so appealing is because it has an award-winning school district. The schools not only cover Ladue, but also parts of Creve Coeur, Olivette, Kirkwood, Richmond Heights, Frontenac, and Crystal Lake.

While the public school is top notch, Ladue appeals to a lot of families that choose to send their children to private schools. The links to some of the most popular will be below.

Fun fact: Jen Ross Cross (our founder) went to St. Joseph’s and Lauren Hance attended Ladue for high school.

Close Proximity

to Shopping and Dining

Ladue is close to several different malls including Plaza Frontenac and The Galleria. These are some of the few remaining, thriving malls in STL. Plaza Frontenac is a “classier” joint with higher end shops, such as Neiman Marcus, Tiffany & Co., Saks Fifth and so many more. The Galleria is a mall where you can dine at The Cheesecake Factory then stroll down to Gap and Macy’s. JRCG highly recommends heading to both during the holiday season to get some shopping done, but more importantly to see the beautiful, extravagant holiday decorations.



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